For choosing the right procurement method – policies, resources, organizational structure and preferred contractual arrangements will all need to be taken into account.  Also, any legal questions on procurement issues have to be accurately interpreted and resolved. Best Procurement’s team helps its clients to create stable and predictable contracts for transactions, offering all of its support & expertise.

Our team helps clients to reduce purchasing costs and mitigate industry risks, through services that include:

  • Estimation and cost planning
    We will provide a system of budget estimation and cost planning, in order to control expenditure. 
  • Planning Cash flow forecasts
    Being used for different reasons, cash flow forecasts can be presented in different ways to fit the requirement. We will analyze and plan cash flow forecasts accordingly.
  • Tenders identification and review, including analysis of tender documents
    As procurement routes have become more complex, so tendering can take a number of forms, from open, selected, negotiated, serial, framework and multi-stage tendering to public procurement. We will not only review the tendering types, but we will also analyze and prepare documents.  
  • Technical and judiciary assistance during tender
    Our team will offer technical assistance during tender, in order to improve efficiency and transparency of the judiciary system. 
  • Regulatory and procurement law frameworks
    Our team can assist you on regulatory and procurement law framework that can affect project’s daily work and long-term success. 
  • Preparation and review of technical offers
    We will analyze the documents from the technical offer, taking into consideration the tender specifications. Also, an update of the financial/technical offer will continuously be prepared in accordance with the clarifications or modifications given by the Contracting Authority.
  • Assistance in forming joint ventures and in strategic alliances
    Both joint ventures and finding a local or international partner involve different levels of risk, capital, and returns. We will offer assistance in order to create beneficial ventures or alliances.
  • Technical and legal assistance for eventual litigations
    With a proven experience in the Romanian authorized institutions to solve disputes on public procurement (National Council for Solving Complaints and Palace of Justice), we will offer our expertise in the process of litigation.
  • Regulatory issues of the concession laws
    Any legal questions on procurement issues have to be accurately interpreted and resolved.  Our team will help you create stable and predictable contracts, including concession contracts.

Procurement planning during the tendering and the contract management phases should be seen as a continuum, with effective contract management planned from the very start of the procurement process.

Contact us if, during the entire tendering process, you need support and assistance regarding any issues appeared or in any circumstances required, in accordance to current legislation.