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A solid contract management is mandatory in infrastructure projects, due to their increasing complexity, in terms of technology and responsibilities. Best Procurement has contract managers that not only organize and coordinate all the activities required to complete projects within the agreed scope, but also have the technical expertise required by a project’s administrative aspect.


Our contract management services include:

  • Risk mitigation, Planning, Implementation and Progress Monitoring

Contract management requires diligence and an eye for details. Therefore, risks and potential advantages must be distributed and leveraged project-wide.
By using managerial resources, we’re focusing on identifying risks, assessing risks and developing strategies to manage and mitigate them. Under FIDIC rules, our team assesses the risks appearing throughout the Contract, and develops risk mitigation strategies as well monitors the implementation of risk mitigation plans to ensure timely project completion.
Working with Best Procurement can generate cost savings while minimizing business risk.

  • Contract preparation and analysis

Administrative and record-keeping processes are key aspects of ensuring projects are delivered as planned.
We will provide not only analysis of all documents issued and assess the risk associated, but also the documents’ drafting. Throughout the progress of the Project, we will offer guidance and procedures readily accessible and reviewed on a regular basis, and clear mechanisms in place for identifying key contract ‘trigger points’.

  • Program management

We will help you use oversight to support project-level activity to ensure the program goals are met by providing a decision-making capacity that cannot be achieved at project level.
We use established procedures for the development of reliable construction time determination program and for the performance of comprehensive reviews of construction programs. Our key staff is experienced in developing, analyzing, updating and monitoring project schedule in order to allow the Contractor to proactively identify and resolve potential issues that could affect timely project completion.

  • Change orders & Variations

Changes to contractual initial conditions have the potential to affect the scope and viability of the contract for either or both parties and making substantive variations to a contract will require some of the actions and issues involved in developing the original contract. They should therefore be planned accordingly.
Effects of the variation orders can have implications on time, cost and quality. Our team will properly document details of the variation and its impact and will take into consideration eligibility issues, according to local or European legislation, including here Europeans funding legislation.
After analyzing and documenting all change orders’ details, our team will start the contractual implementation with help from our quantity surveyors experts.

There are a lot of challenges in contract management and all of them should be aligned to your business strategy. Let our contract managers analyze and interpret this complex data into a project completion that will bring efficiencies to your business operations.

For choosing the right procurement method – policies, resources, organizational structure and preferred contractual arrangements will all need to be taken into account.  Also, any legal questions on procurement issues have to be accurately interpreted and resolved. Best Procurement’s team helps its clients to create stable and predictable contracts for transactions, offering all of its support & expertise.

Our team helps clients to reduce purchasing costs and mitigate industry risks, through services that include:

  • Estimation and cost planning
    We will provide a system of budget estimation and cost planning, in order to control expenditure. 
  • Planning Cash flow forecasts
    Being used for different reasons, cash flow forecasts can be presented in different ways to fit the requirement. We will analyze and plan cash flow forecasts accordingly.
  • Tenders identification and review, including analysis of tender documents
    As procurement routes have become more complex, so tendering can take a number of forms, from open, selected, negotiated, serial, framework and multi-stage tendering to public procurement. We will not only review the tendering types, but we will also analyze and prepare documents.  
  • Technical and judiciary assistance during tender
    Our team will offer technical assistance during tender, in order to improve efficiency and transparency of the judiciary system. 
  • Regulatory and procurement law frameworks
    Our team can assist you on regulatory and procurement law framework that can affect project’s daily work and long-term success. 
  • Preparation and review of technical offers
    We will analyze the documents from the technical offer, taking into consideration the tender specifications. Also, an update of the financial/technical offer will continuously be prepared in accordance with the clarifications or modifications given by the Contracting Authority.
  • Assistance in forming joint ventures and in strategic alliances
    Both joint ventures and finding a local or international partner involve different levels of risk, capital, and returns. We will offer assistance in order to create beneficial ventures or alliances.
  • Technical and legal assistance for eventual litigations
    With a proven experience in the Romanian authorized institutions to solve disputes on public procurement (National Council for Solving Complaints and Palace of Justice), we will offer our expertise in the process of litigation.
  • Regulatory issues of the concession laws
    Any legal questions on procurement issues have to be accurately interpreted and resolved.  Our team will help you create stable and predictable contracts, including concession contracts.

Procurement planning during the tendering and the contract management phases should be seen as a continuum, with effective contract management planned from the very start of the procurement process.

Contact us if, during the entire tendering process, you need support and assistance regarding any issues appeared or in any circumstances required, in accordance to current legislation.

If any delay or disruption appeared during the contract turns into disputes, Best Procurement provides ongoing support, covering the entire dispute and litigation lifecycle, with both tactical and strategic thinking. By analyzing the project Programs of Works, conditions of contract and the parties’ performance throughout the construction duration, Best Procurement can identify liability, quantify damages, and assist in preparing a claim in a timely and cost effective manner.


Some of our key areas of expertise are:

  • Claims Identification

Many disputes arise when the parties cannot agree on issues related to the contract interpretation, the definition of deliverables, meeting performance standards and/or the effect of unexpected events. It is important that any possibility of dispute or an actual dispute be recognized at an early stage and addressed as quickly as possible.
However, if the dispute already aroused, through our Claims Experts specialists, we provide the analytical support necessary to identify and mitigate the risks associated with claims on your project.

  • Damage assessment

Damages often interfere with various aspects of the project, such as cost estimating, scheduling, and project management. Through a multidisciplinary team, comprised of Claim Experts, Legal Advisers and experienced Contract Managers, Construction Engineers and Quantity Surveyors, we have expertise in quantification, presentation and evaluation of construction damages including:

  • Damage cause and effect
  • Direct damages (labor / material / equipment / subcontract)
  • Extended project costs (general conditions / general requirements)
  • Labor productivity loss / disruption
  • Cost escalation, including home office overhead costs
  • DAB representations under FIDIC Conditions Contract

Best Procurement’s team has expertise in offering support aligned with the general conditions of the FIDIC ’99 Agreement and will assist you in adopting technical solutions, according to the legal requirements applicable on the date of works implementation.
Our services involve counseling within the procedures carried out in front of the Dispute Adjudication Board in accordance with the provisions of the Clause 20 of the General Conditions of the FIDIC ’99 Agreement. Best Procurement has in its portfolio successful DAB representations for FIDIC conditions.

Dispute resolution can be costly in terms of time, energy, business relationships, and finances. Contact us if you need guidance for dispute resolutions, in a clear and timely manner.

As the construction industry grows, more and more skilled roles are becoming mandatory. Best Procurement has specialized quantity surveyors, offering expertise from initial cost estimates, right through payment certificates issuing.

From project conception to design development, we understand, analyze, and report on the costs associated with construction projects. Our team can help you minimize the costs of your project and enhance value for money, while still achieving the required standards and quality, by undertaking the administration and coordination of contracts, sub-contracts, cost analysis and work measurements.

Our specialized quantity surveyors have expertise in:

  • Preparing and evaluating construction and development tenders from information provided by architects, engineers and other design consultants;
  • Managing, administrating and coordinating contracts and sub-contracts, construction progress schedules, cost control systems, and work measurements;
  • Preparing, submitting and managing statements, valuation of changes and finalizing contracts;
  • Providing guidance on construction cost and strategic planning;
  • Preparing and interpreting tender documents, specifications, general conditions
  • Preparing and submitting estimates for construction and development work;

No matter the area of expertise required, our quantity surveyors will maintain the highest level of professionalism, towards all parties involved.

Contact us and we’ll help you have an accurate projection of the costs involved in a construction project, an effective cost strategist on your team to help lower costs with ideas, options, and experienced advice.