Roads & motorways.

Romania ranks the last in Europe regarding the number of km of motorway for 100.000 people (2,7 toward 15,25 in Hungary or 7,3 in Bulgaria as presented in the table below). At the beginning of 2014, 644 km of the total length of the national transport network, out of a total 16.887 km, was at motorway level.

However, regarding the transport of passengers and goods, the road sector is the most important from the Romanian transport system, the road network representing 75% from the total of passengers/km and almost 50% from the total of goods/km.



The approved General Transport Master Plan provides the following, regarding the assigned funds for the period 2014 – 2030 for the development of road infrastructure:

Assigned funds for roads (million EURO)

Type of Project Period
2014-2020 2021-2030 2014-2030
Motorways and expressways 5.281 11.556 16.836
Bypasses 232 834 1.066 1.066

source: General Transport Master Plan

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