Ports and waterways.

Polices, adaptation strategies and mitigation measures for inland and maritime navigation are important for any country’s infrastructure development plans.

At the present time, Romania ranks second in the European Union (see table below), in what concerns  the proportion of total goods transferred through waterways, due to its position to the Danube river. Unlike the Netherlands, which has approximately the same position to the Rhine, Romania lacks modern facilities.

Percentage of goods transferred through waterways in 2011.


Constanta is the largest port with access to the Black Sea in Romania, it hosts the largest container port on the Black Sea and is strategically located to supply goods traffic to targeted areas in Europe. In 2011 in Romania were transported over 318 million tons of goods. The market segments included both cargo shipping (12%) and inland waterways (9%). The containerization level of cargo transported in Romania is around 4%. Although this is a low level, plans for the next 20 years include growing this level  to the one of western European countries, which is around 12%.

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