Contract management.

A solid contract management is mandatory in infrastructure projects, due to their increasing complexity, in terms of technology and responsibilities. Best Procurement has contract managers that not only organize and coordinate all the activities required to complete projects within the agreed scope, but also have the technical expertise required by a project’s administrative aspect.


Our contract management services include:

  • Risk mitigation, Planning, Implementation and Progress Monitoring

Contract management requires diligence and an eye for details. Therefore, risks and potential advantages must be distributed and leveraged project-wide.
By using managerial resources, we’re focusing on identifying risks, assessing risks and developing strategies to manage and mitigate them. Under FIDIC rules, our team assesses the risks appearing throughout the Contract, and develops risk mitigation strategies as well monitors the implementation of risk mitigation plans to ensure timely project completion.
Working with Best Procurement can generate cost savings while minimizing business risk.

  • Contract preparation and analysis

Administrative and record-keeping processes are key aspects of ensuring projects are delivered as planned.
We will provide not only analysis of all documents issued and assess the risk associated, but also the documents’ drafting. Throughout the progress of the Project, we will offer guidance and procedures readily accessible and reviewed on a regular basis, and clear mechanisms in place for identifying key contract ‘trigger points’.

  • Program management

We will help you use oversight to support project-level activity to ensure the program goals are met by providing a decision-making capacity that cannot be achieved at project level.
We use established procedures for the development of reliable construction time determination program and for the performance of comprehensive reviews of construction programs. Our key staff is experienced in developing, analyzing, updating and monitoring project schedule in order to allow the Contractor to proactively identify and resolve potential issues that could affect timely project completion.

  • Change orders & Variations

Changes to contractual initial conditions have the potential to affect the scope and viability of the contract for either or both parties and making substantive variations to a contract will require some of the actions and issues involved in developing the original contract. They should therefore be planned accordingly.
Effects of the variation orders can have implications on time, cost and quality. Our team will properly document details of the variation and its impact and will take into consideration eligibility issues, according to local or European legislation, including here Europeans funding legislation.
After analyzing and documenting all change orders’ details, our team will start the contractual implementation with help from our quantity surveyors experts.

There are a lot of challenges in contract management and all of them should be aligned to your business strategy. Let our contract managers analyze and interpret this complex data into a project completion that will bring efficiencies to your business operations.